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Costi Cohen’s commercial property agency secures $40m in deals within two weeks


Costi Cohen, a commercial property buyer’s agency, has exchanged $40 million worth of property in just two weeks, solidifying its position as a one-stop shop for investors seeking to source and negotiate exceptional commercial property deals.

Since its launch three years ago, the agency has been thriving alongside the booming commercial real estate industry. Costi Cohen has consistently achieved unconditional deals totaling $40 million in a fortnight, saving their clients an average of 11-13% off the asking price.

The agency recently announced the appointment of Shani Costi as General Manager, who joined the company after a five-year stint as General Manager at The Rubinstein Group. “Joining The Agency, and forces with my husband, has been an absolute whirlwind and an exciting one! When Costi Cohen launched a few years back, it was apparent that the duo was creating an industry that wasn’t born yet, so it’s exciting to see how far it has come and become a trio to take it to new heights,” said Shani Costi.

The majority of Costi Cohen’s transactions occur off-market for their exclusive clients, with recent purchases including shopping centers, industrial warehouses, fast food assets, and blocks of units, which are extremely popular among investors.

The agency is now finding ‘once in a generation’ opportunities for their clients, including the sale of several commercial sites with global retail giants such as 7-Eleven, Subway, and Guzman Y Gomez.

According to Tas Costi, Co-founder and Director of Costi Cohen, these deliverables have included three development potentials that cannot be achieved in the residential market, which will likely inspire more investors to seek similar opportunities.

“We’ve been approached by several new and existing clients looking to start or grow their property portfolio with unique purchases such as this. We’ve seen that people are happy to wait for these rare listings because they know the wait is worth the reward, as opposed to rushing in,” said Tas Costi.


He added that the current climate makes it difficult to find good deals on properties with national tenants, making service stations a hot asset class due to their large land holdings with future development potential.

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