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Kyal and Kara showcase distinct coastal styles in side-by-side duplex project


Renovation experts Kyal and Kara Demmrich have created two unique homes with their signature coastal style in their latest project, Bay Builds, located on NSW’s Central Coast. Despite sharing a block and a mirror-image floorplan, the side-by-side duplex homes feature distinct interior styles that showcase the couple’s attention to detail and design vision.

House 1 (Photo by Grace Picot)

House 1, situated on the southern aspect of the block, features a light, refined, and French-inspired elegant interior scheme with travertine, French render, and champagne metallic accents.

In contrast, House 2, on the northern aspect, boasts a moody and rustic aesthetic with warm micro-cement, aged American Oak, and Vancouver natural stone, delivering a coastal Spanish interior.

House 2 (Photo by Grace Picot)

To ensure the homes are both beautiful and functional, Kyal and Kara used CSR Gyprock products throughout the project. Gyprock Plus plasterboard, featuring optimised core technology, was used on the walls to provide impact and sound resistance in high traffic areas. Gyprock Flexible, a 6.5 mm thick plasterboard with an enhanced gypsum core, was used to create curved walls and ceilings in the kitchens and master bedrooms, adding visual interest and a luxurious feel to the spaces.

In the bathrooms, Gyprock Aquachek plasterboard, designed for use in wet areas due to its moisture and humidity resistant properties, provided the base for the styling, with curved finger tiles and tactile accessories setting the scene. Kyal emphasized the importance of using the right substrate to build on, noting that they used Gyprock Aquachek 10mm for its great moisture resistance and tile weight capacity.

The couple’s attention to detail is further showcased in their choice of cornices in Bedrooms 2 and 3 of both homes. House 1 features Gyprock Concerto Cornice, which combines smooth curves, distinctive lines, and a sharp centre step to create shadows and add depth of character. House 2 boasts the Gyprock Symphony Cornice, with its multidirectional smooth curves that exude elegance.

The outdoor entertaining spaces of both homes feature gorgeous mosaic tiled pools, lush greenery, and stunning stone walls, creating a beautiful bayside sanctuary designed to last a lifetime. With their use of carefully selected quality building materials and a strong design vision, Kyal and Kara have once again demonstrated their expertise in creating unique and stunning coastal homes.

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