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New apartment security quiz launched to help Victorians stay safe

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Neighbourhood Watch Victoria and RACV have teamed up to launch an online quiz aimed at helping apartment dwellers assess and improve their home security.

The “How Safe Is My Apartment” quiz provides users with a free report containing tailored security tips to prevent crime in apartments.

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria CEO Bambi Gordon said the initiative addresses security concerns specific to high-rise living.

“Living in a high-rise building doesn’t guarantee absolute security from intruders and it can also present some other issues that can occur in high-density living,” Gordon said.

The quiz generates personalised suggestions based on users’ responses, covering areas such as protecting valuables in common areas, storage cages, bike storage spaces and car garages.

Gordon emphasised that even small improvements can make a significant difference in apartment security.

“Start with one or two easy jobs as a few small improvements can make a big difference – even something as simple as getting to know your neighbours,” she said.


The initiative also aims to raise awareness about security regulations for renters in Victoria.

Gordon noted that rental properties must meet certain security standards, such as lockable external windows and doors, and tenants must be provided with keys or security devices.

RACV and Neighbourhood Watch have provided seven top tips for apartment security, including completing the online quiz, assessing security before moving in, being cautious about allowing strangers into the building, and upgrading door locks.

Other recommendations include securing balcony doors, protecting storage cages, and building relationships with neighbours for mutual support and vigilance.

The “How Safe Is My Apartment” quiz is available online at

This initiative is part of RACV’s ongoing commitment to providing services and support to its members and customers across various sectors, including motoring, mobility, home, energy, and leisure.

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