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Mortgage expert advocates for attainable home ownership despite market skepticism


One of Australia’s leading mortgage brokers, George Samios, a multiple winner of the ‘Finance Broker of the Year’ award and a successful property investor, is challenging the pervasive skepticism about the accessibility of the property market.

Samios, who began his journey in real estate with a single modest property and has since expanded into both residential and commercial investing, is now in his mid-30s and eager to dispel myths about buying property.

Samios is vocal about his frustration with the naysayers who claim that the property market is excessively high, poised for a collapse, or generally unattainable for most. He believes that for many, the main barrier to entering the property market is not financial limitations but a restrictive mindset.

Addressing the concerns of young, single, or modest-income individuals, Samios asserts, “Even on an average salary of $70k per annum and single, you can buy an investment property right now for $560k.” He emphasizes the importance of realistic expectations and preparedness to make sacrifices, noting that a first property might not be a dream home but a stepping stone towards future financial security.

Samios advocates for a proactive approach, encouraging potential buyers to consult with mortgage brokers to explore their possibilities and identify any personal financial barriers.

“If it’s income, maybe get a second job or work overtime; if it’s more deposit, consider what discretionary spending you can cut out for six to twelve months and save the deposit you need to get a property,” he suggests.

Understanding the challenges many face, Samios acknowledges that while home ownership is not possible for everyone, it is achievable for most with the right sacrifices and priorities. He passionately shares this message with Year 12 students across an increasing number of high schools, preparing the next generation for home ownership.


By refusing to listen to detractors and seeking the right financial advice, Samios believes that many more people could realize their dreams of property ownership. His message is clear: Talk to the right person who can help make it happen, and ignore those who say it can’t be done.

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