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Terrace renovation transforms Sydney home into light-filled modern sanctuary


A century-old inner-western Sydney terrace has been reimagined as a bright, three-level family home, blending heritage charm with contemporary design.

Tass Construction Group has completed the renovation of the Leichhardt property, transforming the 134m2 block into a spacious, light-filled residence that meets the needs of 21st-century living while preserving its Victorian character.

Ben Tass, co-founder of Tass Construction Group, said, “Our Leichhardt terrace project stands as a testament to the fusion of heritage charm and modern sophistication, breathing new life into a stately Victorian terrace house.”

The renovation focused on maximizing space and light within the constraints of the narrow site. Key features of the transformation include:

  1. An open-plan kitchen, living, and dining space that connects seamlessly with the outdoors
  2. Full-height sliding doors to maximize light and connect the courtyard and garden with the living room
  3. A custom glass roof over the dining table
  4. Five strategically placed skylights throughout the property
  5. Exposed original brickwork highlighted with recessed LED strip lighting
  6. Modern curved elements, including a kitchen island, staircase, and bathroom wall
  7. Repurposed attic space converted into a loft suitable for a fourth bedroom or study

The project involved renovating existing ground and first floor spaces, as well as adding extensions to both levels. The attic was also repurposed to complete the client’s vision.

Tass noted that natural light, often scarce in traditional terraced houses, was a key focus of the renovation. “Natural light is a precious commodity in traditional terraced houses and these strategically placed skylights brighten every corner of the residence,” he said.

The renovation successfully showcases the terrace’s historic features while introducing modern design elements. Original brickwork was exposed and highlighted, while curved features throughout the home add a contemporary touch.


Despite the challenges of renovating and extending a narrow historical terrace, the final result demonstrates the transformative power of thoughtful design. The project has created a space that beautifully bridges past and present, offering a light-filled, modern home that respects its architectural heritage.

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