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Celebrity designer shares budget-friendly tips to boost property value


Interior designer Kellie Richardson, founder of Kurved by Design, has revealed six industry secrets to achieve a high-end look on a budget, potentially increasing property sale prices by up to 15%.

  1. Choose a consistent style

Richardson emphasizes the importance of sticking to one style throughout the home to create cohesiveness and flow. She recommends consulting with an interior designer to clarify your vision and make useful suggestions.

  1. Shop second-hand

Bargains can be found on Facebook, Gumtree, and in op shops. Richardson suggests negotiating for quality and designer pieces at significantly reduced prices.

  1. Utilize budget-friendly retailers

Stores like Kmart and Big W offer trendy looks at fraction of designer prices. Richardson notes these items can often pass for high-end pieces when mixed with other items.

  1. Upcycle existing furniture

DIY skills can breathe new life into old pieces. Richardson recommends using Pinterest, interior design magazines, Facebook groups, and TikTok for upcycling ideas.

  1. Invest in key pieces, accessorize affordably

Prioritize spending on important items like beds and sofas, then accessorize with less expensive items from budget-friendly stores.

  1. Stick to neutral bases with seasonal accents

Richardson advises using neutral colors for main pieces and updating with trendy, seasonal colors through affordable accessories.


Richardson emphasizes the importance of budgeting and sticking to it. She notes that vases, pillows, throws, and ornaments are cost-effective ways to update a room’s look and stay on-trend.

By implementing these tips, homeowners can potentially increase their property’s perceived value without significant expenditure, making their homes more attractive to potential buyers.

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