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REIQ supports crackdown on substandard real estate training providers


The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has welcomed a crackdown on poor quality real estate training providers by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Key points:

  1. ASQA has put registered training organizations (RTOs) on notice, warning of audits to investigate reports of inadequate enrollment, training, and assessment practices.
  2. REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella emphasized the importance of high-quality education for real estate professionals, citing the complex legislative environment they operate in.
  3. The REIQ warns against “diploma factories” offering low-cost, short courses that may compromise professional standards and consumer protection.
  4. Mercorella urged aspiring real estate professionals to carefully choose their training providers, prioritizing quality over speed and cost.
  5. The REIQ supports ASQA’s move to investigate deficient education providers in the sector.

Mercorella stated, “When we hear reports of RTOs operating like diploma factories with low cost, unduly short, race-to-the-finish courses, it’s highly concerning to us as a peak body striving to raise the professional standards and reputation of the industry.”

The REIQ highlighted its role as both the state’s leading training organization and peak professional body, stressing the importance of quality education in delivering competent professionals and protecting consumers.

The institute also noted its long-standing advocacy for ongoing education and professional development in the real estate industry, including its successful push for a continuing professional development regime in Queensland.

ASQA’s audits will focus on providers offering Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice, Diploma of Property (Agency Management), and Certificate IV in Strata Community Management. The investigations may lead to the de-registration of substandard providers.

The REIQ’s stance underscores the importance of maintaining high educational standards in the real estate industry to ensure professional competence and consumer confidence.

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