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In a landmark announcement, the Strata Community Association (SCA) Australasia has named Joshua Baldwin as its next President, marking a historic moment as Baldwin becomes the youngest person to ever hold this prestigious position.

At just 33 years old, Baldwin’s ascent to the presidency is a testament to his dedication and significant contributions to the strata industry over the past decade.

Baldwin’s journey with SCA began in 2013 when he joined the SCA (SA/NT) Board. His rapid rise within the organisation saw him become a pivotal figure, eventually serving as President of the SA/NT Chapter for six years.

During his tenure, he was instrumental in the merger of the South Australian and Northern Territory chapters, a move that highlighted his vision for greater cohesion and collaboration within the industry.

Reflecting on his new role, Baldwin expressed immense gratitude and respect for his predecessor, Chris Duggan. “Firstly, I would just like to extend such a massive thank you to outgoing SCA Australasia President Chris Duggan, who has left an incredibly strong legacy of achievement and collaboration that I hope to build on,” Baldwin stated.

“Chris has been such an invaluable SCA President and his contribution to the strata industry really cannot be understated. From his leadership on strata insurance affordability, availability, and transparency, to increasing professional standards across the country and driving the creation of the fledgling SCA RTO, he has been a clear and unifying voice for the strata industry.”

Baldwin’s appointment comes at a pivotal time for SCA, and he has outlined four key areas he intends to focus on during his presidency. “I’m incredibly excited to commence the role at a pivotal time for our organisation and the industry,” he said.


“I like to think of myself as someone who is innovative and collaborative and I never shy away from a challenge. I have a lot of ideas and a great team of volunteers and staff around me to start implementing them.”

Among his priorities, Baldwin aims to enhance SCA’s brand identity, ensure consistent standards of education, foster a positive working environment for staff and volunteers, and uphold the highest ethical standards.

“Increasing SCA’s brand identity, delivering consistent standards of education, fostering a good working environment for our staff and volunteers and building our ethical standards will be my priorities, and I’m rolling up my sleeves and setting to work straight away,” he affirmed.

SCA Australasia CEO Alisha Fisher also welcomed Baldwin to his new role, while paying tribute to Duggan’s impactful tenure.

“Chris has been an incredible president and will leave a lasting legacy for SCA as someone who always chose collaboration and conversation and knitted so much of the industry together,” Fisher remarked. “He has achieved so much in the three years with SCA Australasia, and he will be missed.”

Fisher expressed confidence in Baldwin’s ability to lead the organisation, highlighting his extensive experience and commitment to the strata industry.

“At just 33, Josh has already accumulated 13 years of experience in the strata industry and his career journey of choosing and specialising in strata from the beginning of his career showcases an industry growing in stature and recognition,” she said.

“He’s committed, he’s bright and he cares about the industry – I’m really looking forward to continuing to carry out the Board and the organisation’s shared vision with him at the helm.”

As Baldwin steps into his new role, the strata industry looks forward to a period of innovation and growth under his leadership. His track record of success and his forward-thinking approach position him well to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for SCA Australasia.

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