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Australia’s most protected homes revealed in insurance data


New data from Budget Direct has unveiled which Australian states and suburbs have the highest rates of home security systems.

Western Australia leads the nation in home security, with 63.17% of homeowners who sought a Budget Direct Home Insurance quote reporting their homes are equipped with alarm systems.

This is significantly higher than eastern states, with 53.06% of New South Wales homes and 51.76% of Victorian homes reporting security alarms.

Tasmania ranked as the least protected state, with only 30.59% of homeowners indicating they had security systems. Queensland followed closely behind at 33.80%.

Jonathan Kerr, Chief Growth Officer at Budget Direct, said: “It’s no surprise that people are wanting to feel more secure. As we’ve been seeing on the news, home invasions and break-ins are increasing at an alarming rate.”

The data, collected over five years up to 1 January 2023, showed that 48.67% of Australian homeowners reported having an alarm system by the end of the 2022/23 financial year.

Launceston in Tasmania emerged as the suburb with the highest percentage of monitored homes nationwide, with 5.18% of insurance quote applicants reporting alarm systems.


This aligns with recent statistics from Tasmania’s Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management, which reported a 5.7% increase in property-related offences between 2020-2021 and 2021-2022.

Other suburbs with high rates of home security systems include:

  • Dunlop, ACT (4.06%)
  • Armadale, WA (2.07%)
  • Mawson Lakes, SA (1.74%)
  • Hoppers Crossing, VIC (1.48%)
  • Kellyville, NSW (1.34%)
  • Goodna, QLD (0.57%)

The data highlights significant variations in home security measures across different regions of Australia, potentially reflecting differing perceptions of security needs or varying crime rates.

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