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New Kenmore townhouse development features sustainability innovations


A new townhouse development in Kenmore, Brisbane is seeing strong demand due to its range of built-in environmental features that help reduce electricity costs for residents.

The Treetops at Kenmore project, a joint venture between Metro Property Development and City Development Limited (CDL), has sold and settled over $107 million worth of new townhouses this year.

Peter Hobbs, General Manager of Sales & Marketing at Metro Property Development, said: “Buyers are becoming far more conscious about the running costs of a new property and they want to know that they aren’t going to be stung with a big power bill shortly after moving in.”

The development includes several sustainability features:

  • 6.6KW solar PV systems on all homes
  • Electric vehicle charging stations for each townhouse
  • Energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting
  • Sustainable building materials, including below-zero-carbon cladding
  • A 3,100 sqm Environmental Green Zone with mature native trees and plants
  • A 2,800 sqm central green spine with resident facilities

Hobbs added: “The types of environmental and sustainability features we have included are quickly going from a nice to have, to an absolute must-have.”

Out of 96 townhomes in the project, 92 have been sold to date, with prices for the remaining units starting at $1.299 million.

The development aligns with recent findings from the Domain Sustainability in Property Report, which showed energy-efficient homes in Brisbane attracted 18.6% more listing views despite having a price premium of $125,000.


Treetops at Kenmore is located at 20 Margaret Court, Kenmore, with the final stages set to be completed by November 2024.

This project demonstrates a growing trend towards incorporating sustainability features in new developments to meet buyer demands for lower running costs and environmental considerations.

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