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Landlords advised on top tenant preferences for Dubai apartments


Dubai-based property management company Colife has released insights into the most sought-after features for apartments in the emirate, aimed at helping landlords maximize occupancy rates.

Location remains a key factor in rental demand, with Dubai Marina, Business Bay, Downtown Dubai, and Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) being the most popular areas. Proximity to public transport, ideally within 5-10 minutes of metro, bus or tram stops, is crucial, especially during summer months.

Kristina Zagrebelnaya, Colife Dubai designer, highlighted the importance of fully furnished apartments with functional zones for bedroom, work area and storage. Essential amenities include kitchen appliances, bedding, and decorative items.

“Colife tenants highly appreciate our attention to detail and the functionality of apartments,” Zagrebelnaya said.

Building amenities, particularly gyms and pools, are in high demand. Gyms are especially important during summer when outdoor exercise is challenging due to the heat.

Storage space is another key consideration for tenants, many of whom are expats with numerous belongings. Colife has addressed this by partnering with a storage company to offer discounted rates to tenants.

Efficient air conditioning and regular pest control are essential for maintaining tenant satisfaction, particularly during hot summer months.


Regarding interior design, Zagrebelnaya emphasized the importance of filling spaces with details and necessary items to create an inviting atmosphere. She noted a shift towards adding color accents to neutral-toned interiors.

“My top recommendation for all landlords is to fill the space,” Zagrebelnaya advised. “Even if you buy the most expensive bed and the most stylish sofa for your apartment in Dubai, but don’t fill the space with details and necessary little things, it will feel empty and uninviting despite the money spent.”

Functional furniture made from natural materials is preferred, including comfortable beds, convertible sofas, and space-saving wardrobes.

Vyacheslav Kuznetsov, Head of Sales at Colife, stated that apartments meeting most of these requirements can command rents at least 15% higher than those that don’t.

“According to our data, if an apartment meets most of these requirements, it can be rented out for at least 15% more,” Kuznetsov said.

By understanding and addressing these tenant preferences, landlords in Dubai can significantly increase their property’s appeal and ensure higher occupancy rates, even during the challenging summer months.

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