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Conviction and fine for agent who mislead a property buyer, Loss-Making Sales are on the up, and Is commercial property the way to go in 2024?

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Today is Friday, 22 December.

– A former Albany real estate agent has been fined $4,000 and ordered to pay costs of $1,200 for misleading a buyer about the habitability of a property.

– The agent pleaded guilty to making false or misleading representations, violating Australian Consumer Law, after telling a buyer they could live in a structure not approved for habitation by the City of Albany.

– Consumer Protection WA said the case, which involved a mudbrick “unit”, stressed the importance of agents being truthful about property conditions during sales.

– The watchdog has warned of action against any agents found to be misleading buyers, advising purchasers to verify property approvals with local authorities.

– CoreLogic’s Pain & Gain Report shows an increase in loss-making resales for properties held under three years, rising to 6.6 per cent from 3.6 per cent a year ago,

– Around 86,000 properties were resold in the third quarter of 2023, with 93.5 per cent making a nominal gain and an average gross profit of just shy of $300,000.

– Short-term resales, particularly those within a three-year hold period, have reached a decade high, with Melbourne – Inner, Melbourne – West, and Sydney’s Central Coast experiencing the highest proportions of loss-making sales.

The trend of short-term loss-making resales may persist due to rising unemployment and interest costs, although the overall impact may be mitigated by ongoing national home value increases.

– Colliers Australia CEO, Malcolm Tyson, predicts that adaptable investors will continue to benefit from market conditions in 2024, particularly those diversifying portfolios with alternative assets.
– Tyson believes well-informed investors will gain from asset acquisitions when the pricing gap between vendors and purchasers closes.
– Tyson predicts continued growth in the industrial, office, and retail markets, with the industrial market showing resilience, premium office rents rising, and demand for Australian retail centres outpacing supply.

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Conviction and fine for agent who mislead a property buyer