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Are Australia’s Homes Really Colder than Sweden in Winter?; Why Australians Face a New Retirement Challenge; and Auction Volumes set for slight dip

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Today is Saturday, 22 June.

I hope you are staying warm this winter, given the alarming find that Cold weather is causing more than 6 per cent of annual deaths in Australia, higher than Sweden and Canada.
It’s being attributed to poorly insulated homes and inefficient heaters across the country, according to RMIT.
– Australians’ stoic attitude towards winter and the tendency to underheat homes is contributing to the problem, with coping strategies – like tea and warm clothes – often ignoring the health risks of cold indoor air.
– According to experts, The long-term solution is to seal gaps, improve insulation, and install double-glazed windows, in a bid to retrofit all existing housing stock by 2050.

In other news, One-third of Australians expect to be paying off their mortgage in retirement, according to a survey from Vanguard.
It has painted a concerning picture of our future, with half of working Australians stating their belief they will outlive their retirement savings, while four in five working Australians are concerned about running out of money in retirement.
– The research also revealed that 40 per cent of Australians have no clear retirement plan and almost half are unaware of what they pay in superannuation fees or if superannuation is taxed at a lower rate.

Looking to auction activity now, and CoreLogic is expecting a slightly lower number of auctions to take place this weekend after last weekend’s numbers

Just over 2,120 homes are scheduled in for auction, down from the nearly 2,300 homes that went under the hammer last week.
– 941 homes are set to go up for grabs in Melbourne, followed by Sydney, with 866 properties available.
– Looking further ahead to the last weekend of June, CoreLogic predicts a further fall in auction activity as winter sets in.

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