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Australia’s housing market reaches a full recovery, Brisbane renters enter the property market, and why the ACT government is revitalising shopping centres.

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Today is Thursday, 25 January, and Domain has stated that Australia’s housing market has fully recovered from its downturn in 2022.

-Domain has reported that most capital cities saw recovery in the December quarter, with Adelaide leading median house price growth with an increase of 12.7%.
-Sydney had the highest median price by the end of 2023 at almost $1.6 million, with Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth also seeing record highs.
-The only market yet to recover from the 2022 downturn is Melbourne, but Domain predicts that prices in Melbourne will be fully restored in 2024.

Over in Brisbane, first-home buyers are fast-tracking their plans to enter the property market due to unprecedented rent rises in 2023.
-As of January 2024, the median house rent in Brisbane is sitting at over $700 a week, while the median rent for units is $560 a week.
– The rise in rental prices has been attributed to an influx of new residents and a critically low vacancy rate of 0.9%.
– The rapid rent hikes are leading many Brisbane residents to consider buying properties sooner than planned. New loans to first home buyers in Queensland increased in November by over 10%.

And down in Canberra, the ACT government plans to improve liveability by revitalising retail centres.
– With housing advocates increasingly calling for “well-located” homes, the ACT planning minister has revealed plans to create more homes around sleepy shopping centres, to improve quality of life for residents while also revitalising these tired commercial centres.
– The move has garnered the support of the Property Council of Australia, who suggested that the government extend this strategy to other forms of community infrastructure.

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Australia’s housing market reaches a full recovery