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How property has changed post-COVID, a top real estate leader has called out the dangers of removing negative gearing, and fewer auctions push up the success rate.

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Today is Tuesday, the 12th of March, and new data from CoreLogic has revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Australian property.   
– Since March 2020, house values have increased by 37.9 per cent while unit values have increased by just 16.5 per cent, indicating a growing preference for space.
– Solo living is also on the rise, with the average household size in Australia decreasing from 2.55 people in late 2020 to 2.48 people in August 2022.
– Despite initial concerns about the impact of interest rate rises, Australia’s housing market has proved to be resilient over the past 4 years, according to CoreLogic.

Meanwhile, CEO and industry leader Avi Khan has warned that removing negative gearing could accelerate the nation’s housing crisis.
– Khan argued that the tax setting, which allows investors to deduct property investment losses from their taxable income, fosters a culture of investment that benefits the broader economy.  
– In particular, Khan argued that negative gearing has played a significant role in increasing the supply of rental properties in Australia, with private investors providing an additional 1.1 million rental properties between 1996 and 2021.
– He warned that removing or altering this policy could threaten investor confidence and exacerbate an already-dire housing crisis.

And turning to the auction market, last week saw a preliminary clearance rate of 72.8 per cent across Australia’s combined capital cities, a notable improvement from prior weeks.
– Heading the charge was Adelaide, which recorded an impressive preliminary clearance rate of over 83 per cent, the highest of the Australian cities.
– The larger auction markets of Sydney and Melbourne experienced softer outcomes, with Melbourne’s preliminary clearance rate dropping below 70 per cent for the first time this year.
– Next week, 2,400 homes are expected to go under the hammer across the country.

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How property has changed post-COVID