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South East Queensland Prepares to Welcome 2.2 million New Residents by 2046, Victorian real estate Agents Slapped with $1 million in Fines, and falling Vacancy Rates don’t do anything to spread Christmas cheer.

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Today is Wednesday, 20 December and the Queensland government has unveiled a plan, to prepare for an expected influx of 2 million new residents in South-East Queensland by 2046.
– The plan includes a framework for building nearly 900,000 new homes and creating 1 million new jobs over the next 20 years, while preserving the region’s lifestyle and environment.
– The government aims to balance housing supply with local community values, including environmental protection and affordability.
– The plan also includes infrastructure development, greening initiatives, and protection of local wildlife habitats, with a focus on reducing travel times and protecting the natural environment.

Down in Victoria, and – Consumer Affairs Victoria has seen an increase in underquoting tips from the real estate industry since a taskforce was established last year to combat the practice.
– The taskforce has issued 1 million dollars in fines to 47 agents and given 89 official warnings since its inception, with $500,000 in fines issued in the last six months alone.
– The watchdog reportedly receives 225 reports of underquoting per month, with roughly a quarter of these reports coming from real estate agents themselves.

And turning our attention to the city of Sydney, which is experiencing a decade-low rental vacancy situation, according to the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales.
– In Sydney’s inner, middle, and outer rings, rental vacancy rates have dropped to 1.2 per cent, 1.0 per cent, and 1.4 per cent respectively. Vacancy rates in regional New South Wales also remain low.
– Vacancies have been decreasing across Sydney over the past year, with the latest results marking a new low. The rates are tightening rather than easing, causing concern.

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South East Queensland Prepares to Welcome 2.2 million New Residents by 2046