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Queensland could be on the brink of a stamp duty switch-up, Singles Hit Hardest by the Housing Crisis, and tenancy conditions are causing concern in warmer weather,

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Today is Wednesday, 31 January.

and ahead of the October state election, Queensland politicians are planning major housing policy announcements. The Liberal National Party is looking to review concessions for first-time buyers.  
– Currently, first home buyers in Queensland can avoid stamp duty on homes bought for $500,000 and below. However, as housing prices have increased, fewer buyers are eligible for the scheme.
– An LNP spokesperson confirmed the party would review the program and announce its position before the vote, while current Queensland Premier Steven Miles hinted at a new housing plan focusing on building more homes, supporting renters, increasing home ownership, delivering more social homes, and ending homelessness.

Down in Victoria, and it’s been revealed that single-person households are disproportionately disadvantaged by a lack of housing supply, according to the Community Housing Industry Association of Victoria.
– Victoria’s social housing waitlist includes almost 50,000 applications from single-person households, representing 85 per cent of all applicants. Singles join the waitlist at a rate of two new applications for every client housed.
– While single applicants are usually placed on the priority access list and 40 per cent receive government support, less than 30% of public housing in Victoria consists of one-bedroom dwellings.

And back to Queensland, and a Griffiths University professor warns that energy inefficiency in Queensland social housing is endangering residents’ health, particularly during heatwaves.
– Power Together, a community coalition, is calling on the federal government to fund energy efficiency upgrades in the state, the only eastern state yet to receive such funding.
– They recommend installing rooftop solar, blinds, and insulation in social homes to reduce energy costs and improve living conditions, especially for those in poor-quality housing.

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Queensland could be on the brink of a stamp duty switch-up