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Property price gains could push back rate cuts, NSW residents chip in on potential rental reforms. And should investors be better incentivised?

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Today is Wednesday the 6th of March, and

An economist has warned that Australia’s property price surge could delay rate cuts.
– HSBC Bank’s chief economist, Paul Bloxham, has warned that rising housing prices across the country may reduce the likelihood of rate cuts in the near future.
– In spite of elevated interest rates, strong population growth and ongoing undersupply means that the prospects of house price growth are still strong, with the economist predicting a 3 to 6 per cent rise this year.
– He suggested that a tight housing market and low market default rates could cause the Reserve Bank of Australia to delay rate cuts, out of fear they could overheat an already-buoyant market.
– The HSBC economist predicted that the RBA will be reluctant to cut rates this year.

Looking over to New South Wales, a survey of 16,000 residents has revealed that opinions are divided on proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act.
– Opinions varied on the proposed changes, which include an end to no-grounds evictions, making it easier for renters to have pets, and establishing a portable bonds scheme.
– Renters were largely in favour of the reforms, while landlords and real estate agents were largely opposed to them.
– The feedback will reportedly inform the government’s position on reforming rental laws, with the aim of increasing security for both tenants and owners.

And turning to a different state, to Real Estate Institute of Victoria has urged the Victorian government to attract and retain property investors in the state’s 2024 to 2025 budget.
– REIV President Jacob Caine suggested reconfiguring the property tax policy by replacing outdated taxes like stamp duty with measures that encourage investment and increase housing supply.
– The REIV proposed three key changes: introducing tax incentives for long-term landlords, a complete review of stamp duty regulations, and retaining negative gearing.
– They believe that these changes would make Victoria more competitive for investment, bolster housing supply, and stabilize the rental market.

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