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Billbergia unveils new $335 million residential vision for Sydney’s Inner West


A fresh wave of housing is set to hit Sydney’s Inner West as Billbergia, an award-winning Australian developer, has announced a $335 million master-planned community at 1 King Street in Concord West. This development could bring more than 700 new homes to the area and is a response to the ongoing housing crunch in the city. The expansive site, measuring 3.14 hectares, has been earmarked for a diverse mix of apartments and townhouses aimed at rejuvenating this part of Sydney.

Billbergia has submitted a Planning Proposal to Canada Bay Council, in an endeavour to meet the NSW Government’s Transport Oriented Development (TOD) Program objectives. This program has influenced the rezoning and planning controls around 39 train stations to expedite the introduction of new residential options.

Rick Graf, Billbergia’s Development Director, spoke about the significance of the acquisition and the company’s alignment with the NSW Government’s initiatives. “It was a landmark feat to secure a consolidated site of over 3 hectares, let alone one which offers seamless access into the adjacent Concord West railway station,” he explained. Graf further highlighted the key benefits of the proposed plan: “Our vision for Concord West is strongly aligned with the NSW Government’s Transport Oriented Development Program. The redevelopment of this site will provide greater choice in housing, boost local employment, improve connectivity, and meet the needs of current and future residents for years to come.”

The design proposes ten buildings varying from four to twelve storeys, allocating a mix of 698 apartments and 18 townhouses. Additionally, the development promises approximately 7,600 square metres of retail space for essential services and aims to enrich the community with amenities such as a supermarket, specialty shops, and cafes.

Efforts to craft a living space that encourages outdoor activities and public interaction include plans for a 2,500-square-metre green connection and a neighbourhood park. A planned loop road further aims to better integrate King and George Streets, enhancing overall accessibility.

The site will also incorporate a civic area at ground level to activate public spaces while maintaining an existing onsite childcare centre. Part of Billbergia’s contribution to the development includes significant upgrades to local infrastructure, like a public road and stormwater systems.

Billbergia’s portfolio consists of various notable mixed-use precincts, such as the Wentworth Point Town Centre, which embodies their expertise in creating living spaces that are both functional and community-centric. With the latest masterplan at 1 King Street, Billbergia aspires to continue this tradition and transform Concord West into a vibrant urban haven.


Currently, Sydney’s housing market faces significant pressure, and innovative developments like those proposed by Billbergia could be vital in providing much-needed housing solutions. As the project progresses through the planning stages, it will be a topic of interest for potential residents and industry observers alike, watching to see how it will shape the future fabric of Sydney’s Inner West.

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