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Unconventional strategies to secure a rental in Australia’s competitive market


Australia’s rental market has become increasingly competitive, leaving prospective tenants struggling to secure their desired properties. In this challenging landscape, Eric Wong, a seasoned property agent from Lucca Property, has shared three unconventional strategies that could significantly increase a renter’s chances of success.

Wong’s first tip is to offer to pay rent upfront, a move that can make a tenant stand out from the competition. “I’ve witnessed tenants outmanoeuvre competitors by offering up to a year’s rent upfront,” Wong reveals, emphasizing that this strategy demonstrates financial stability and commitment, qualities highly valued by landlords.

The second strategy involves offering more rent, a tactic that requires careful navigation due to legal nuances. While agents are prohibited from soliciting higher rental bids, tenants can take the initiative and make the first move. “You’d be surprised at how effective simply offering more rent can be,” Wong states, adding that this approach directly influences the landlord’s decision-making process by showcasing the tenant’s eagerness and financial flexibility.

Lastly, Wong stresses the importance of securing a heartfelt character reference from a previous landlord or agent. In a market flooded with applicants, a personalized, genuine reference can be a game-changer. “A sincere, non-template reference from a landlord has swayed my recommendations more times than I can count—even for tenants offering less rent,” Wong notes, underscoring the value of building positive relationships with current landlords or agents.

While these strategies may be unconventional, they offer valuable insights into the darker side of real estate tactics that can significantly enhance a renter’s chances of success in Australia’s competitive market. By leveraging financial advantages, taking a proactive approach to negotiations, and cultivating meaningful professional relationships, tenants can navigate the rental battleground and secure their desired homes.

As Australia’s rental market continues to evolve, prospective tenants may need to adapt their strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Wong’s advice, though unconventional, provides a glimpse into the tactics that can make a real difference in the quest for a place to call home.

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