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South Australian government kicks off campaign to help home builders secure their investment


In response to a recent wave of builder insolvencies, the Malinauskas Government has launched a campaign to educate people undertaking new home builds or renovations. The initiative urges consumers to do their homework before committing to a builder to better protect their investment.

The campaign comes on the heels of three builders—Felmeri Builders & Developers Pty Ltd, 7 Star Construction Pty Ltd, and Qattro Built Pty Ltd—entering administration. While the majority of South Australian builders are honest and compliant, the state is taking steps to protect consumers by partnering with the state’s consumer watchdog, Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

The new campaign includes targeted social media posts and provides support for easy access to essential information. The aim is to guide home builders through the practical steps they can take to protect themselves during the construction process.

One of the campaign’s key recommendations is securing building indemnity insurance (BII). This is mandatory for any construction project valued at over $12,000. “BII insures people for up to $150,000 if their builder becomes insolvent, dies or disappears during construction or the warranty period,” states the government’s release. In South Australia, this insurance is provided by QBE and underwritten by the State Government. The campaign highlights the importance of verifying insurance certificates on the QBE website, especially in light of some recently detected forgeries.

Another practical tip offered is the importance of a builder’s reputation. The government advises asking friends and family for builder recommendations and then double-checking that these builders are licensed.

Consumers are also warned against relying on verbal agreements alone. “Any additional promises or variations should be recorded in writing and signed by both them and the builder,” the campaign advises.

For those concerned about construction delays, the government recommends contacting the builder first. If the explanations are unsatisfactory, CBS is available for further advice at 131 882.


This campaign aims to empower consumers by educating them about their rights and the necessary steps to secure their investments, especially as they enter into contracts for what may be the biggest financial commitment of their lives.

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