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Gold Coast agent launches InvestHer, a property investment agency for women


Karen Lacheta-Pell, a buyer’s agent based in the Gold Coast, has initiated a novel approach to the Australian real estate industry by founding InvestHer, a national buyers’ agency catering exclusively to women. This groundbreaking venture underscores her commitment to assisting women in overcoming the hurdles they frequently encounter in real estate investment. Unlike other agencies that have broadened their services to include female clients, InvestHer is distinctive in its exclusive focus on women.

Lacheta-Pell’s motivation for creating InvestHer stems from a recognition of the unique challenges faced by women in the property investment sector. “Women still have to overcome more hurdles than men to become property investors, which is one of the main reasons why I created InvestHer,” Lacheta-Pell explained. Her mission is not only to guide women towards becoming property investors independently but also to encourage them to lead in joint investment ventures with their more risk-averse partners, a phenomenon she notes is more common than many perceive.

A significant driver behind Lacheta-Pell’s passion is the observed disparity in property investment between genders in Australia, with male investors currently outnumbering females. Her ambition is to correct this imbalance and enhance the financial statuses of women across the country. Despite many young women, particularly those aged between 30 and 40, expressing a determination to secure their financial futures, Lacheta-Pell has noticed a gap between aspiration and action. “Many of the women I have previously spoken with had the financial ability to become property investors but often would not proceed for a variety of reasons. That’s a situation I want to change,” she stated.

Statistics from the 2023 PIPA Annual Investor Sentiment Survey paint a telling picture, with only one in four respondents identifying as female, while 72 percent were male. This disparity highlights the challenges women face in entering the property market, from saving for a deposit and managing mortgages on potentially lower wages to overcoming mental barriers against such investments. Lacheta-Pell also pointed out that divorced or separated women, a group often in a prime position to invest, might mistakenly prioritize liquid assets over property, potentially missing out on long-term financial gains.

The gender pay gap, property ownership retention post-divorce, and issues related to mortgage servicing due to lower incomes or career breaks for child-rearing are identified by Lacheta-Pell as major obstacles for female investors. She believes that strategic property investment can mitigate these challenges, emphasizing the importance of sound financial planning and expert guidance. Lacheta-Pell also cautions against the flood of financial advice available online, stressing the need for discernment and the pursuit of knowledge from reputable sources.

InvestHer represents a significant step towards addressing gender disparities in the real estate investment landscape, offering a tailored approach to empower women through property ownership.

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