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Government releases new guide for designing homes suited to Top End climate and lifestyle


The Territory Labor Government has released a new guide outlining home design options to maximise comfort and liveability of newly built houses or existing homes undergoing renovations in the Top End.

The guide, titled “A Guide to Designing Homes for the Top End climate”, aims to help residents design homes that suit the region’s climate and unique tropical lifestyle.

The guide emphasises the importance of incorporating passive design elements, such as orientation, shading, ventilation, and building materials, in order to increase cooling and comfort in homes.

Decisions made early in the design process can affect the comfort, liveability, and ongoing running costs of a home.

A naturally cooler home reduces the need for air conditioning and provides long-term savings for residents on their energy bills.

The guide serves as a useful resource for anyone looking to purchase a home, as it provides information on the different tropical design features that are best suited to the Top End climate and lifestyle.

The guide can be accessed at


Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Joel Bowden said home owners, designers, and building professionals can work together to incorporate tropical design features into homes that will save on energy use and increase liveability for residents.

“Buildings designed for tropical climates such as considering shading, louvers, verandahs, surrounding vegetation and increasing air-flow will save residents money on energy bills and increase the value of the home,” Bowden said.

“Making sure that you plan and design for the tropical climate of the Top End will help make your home more sustainable, enjoyable and comfortable.”

The release of the guide aims to encourage the incorporation of tropical design features in homes, which can lead to more sustainable, comfortable, and energy-efficient living in the Top End.

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