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US Lawsuit Threatens to Shake Up US Property Market!, Australia’s corporate regulator Reveals Home Loans as the number one Licensee Breach, and a fresh warning to avoid one Melbourne-based Kitchen and Bathroom Reno Company. 

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Today is Thursday, the 2nd of November.

-Over in the US, a Missouri court has ruled against the National Association of Realtors and major agencies, with a jury awarding nearly $1.8 billion in damages to nearly half a million homeowners.
– The lawsuit accused the association and residential agencies of conspiring to keep home sales commissions artificially high.
– While a different market in the United States to Australia, the verdict could end the practice of sellers paying buyers’ agent fees, and allow agents to set their own commission rates.
– We’ll be watching this case closely, as NAR plans to appeal the decision, which could reach the US Supreme Court. 

Back in Australia

– Australia’s corporate watchdog, ASIC, has revealed credit issues, particularly home loans, were the most common issues reported in the 2023 financial year.
– Australian credit licensees are required to submit notifications about reportable situations to ASIC, with the most common issue being false or misleading statements.
– ASIC said staff negligence and/or error was the primary root cause of reported breaches. 70 per cent of all reports were lodged by just 21 licensees.
– Eight in 10 reports received had impacted customers, with financial losses to customers totaling nearly $450 million.  

And finally,

– Consumer Affairs Victoria has issued a public warning against Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms, due to numerous consumer complaints.
– The company is accused of taking payments for kitchen and bathroom renovations, failing to fulfill contracts, and not responding to consumers.
– Consumer Affairs Director Nicole Rich urged consumers to be cautious when dealing with the company. 

– This warning follows a similar alert about Melbourne-based removalist company, CBD Movers, which had 89 complaints lodged against it for unprofessional conduct and failure to accept liability for damages.

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See you again tomorrow, the 3rd of November, for your daily dose of Property Buzz.

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US Lawsuit Threatens to Shake Up US Property Market!