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Daily Buzz: Tuesday, 2 April

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WA makes it easier to DIY your plumbing jobs, why Autumn is a good time to sell, and which city has been named Australia’s best for capital growth?

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Today is Tuesday, the 2nd of April

– Western Australia has introduced new plumbing regulation reforms that mean homeowners and occupiers can now legally perform basic plumbing tasks.

It’s now legal to change shower heads, repair taps, and clear blocked pipes without a license.

Building and Energy has highlighted the convenience offered by these changes but cautioned that only certain plumbing tasks are permissible without professional help to avoid property damage and health risks.

The reforms mark the beginning of a series of updates to the state’s plumbing regulations, which will continue to come into effect over the next 12 months.

– Autumn 2024 is emerging as a prime selling season for property in Australia, spurred by the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to maintain steady rates.

– LocalAgentFinder highlights the season’s appeal, noting the mild weather not only boosts the visual appeal of properties but also draws in a larger crowd of potential buyers.

– The online agent review service described the  combination of favourable weather, steady interest rates, and increased activity as a ‘perfect storm’, making this autumn potentially the best time to sell in recent memory.

– Brisbane has been named Australia’s top city for capital growth in 2023, with its unit market expected to perform particularly well, according to the Hotspotting Top 5 Brisbane Hotspot Report.

– The report highlights Brisbane’s strong sales activity, high rental growth, and significant infrastructure spending as key factors contributing to its top ranking.

– New to the list of hotspots are the Redcliffe Peninsula, noted for its exceptional price uplifts, and Logan City, identified for its strategic location, affordable housing, and significant infrastructure development.

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