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How to infuse your home with a touch of barbie’s iconic style: an expert guide


As Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie makes waves in cinemas around the world, many homeowners are looking to infuse their living spaces with Barbie’s signature style. The iconic Barbie dreamhouse, known for its bright and bold Palm Springs aesthetic, might seem too extravagant for everyday living, but with some creativity, anyone can add a touch of Barbie’s flair to their homes.

Here are some expert tips from Harrison Gough at Moving Feedback, who has created the ultimate guide to “Barbie-fying” your home, turning it from drab to chic.

Think Pink

To truly embrace the Barbiecore trend, pink is essential. If painting every wall pink or adding a pink piano seems too much, here are some subtler ways to incorporate the hue:

  • Shelves: Add pink decor or items like books and candles on shelves to brighten any room.
  • Bedding: Spice up your bedroom with various shades of pink pillows and throws.
  • Bathroom Accessories: Colorful towels and shower accessories can add a pop of pink without overwhelming the space.
  • Candles: Simple but effective, pink candles can add brightness and charm.

Upcycle Old Furniture

Redecorating doesn’t have to break the bank. Upcycling old or thrifted furniture can be cost-effective and fun. Transform worn-out pieces with bright fabrics or paint them in cheerful colors like sage greens, aqua blues, or soft lilacs.

Mix Materials

Mixing materials like wood, metal, wicker, and glass can create a comfortable and inviting space. Add a touch of Barbie by pairing different materials together, such as a wooden bed frame with metal tables or a glass coffee table on a colorful wool rug.

Use Prints and Patterns

For those who prefer a minimalistic touch, prints and patterns can add life and warmth to any room. Framed pictures or prints of different shapes and sizes can create a captivating statement wall. Plus, they can be easily switched out for a fresh look.


Barbie’s iconic style doesn’t have to be reserved for the dreamhouse. By following these expert tips, anyone can add a touch of Barbie’s charm and creativity to their home. Whether through bold color choices, upcycled furniture, or carefully chosen accessories, these strategies offer a playful and refreshing approach to interior design.


For those interested in embracing the Barbiecore trend in a way that suits their taste and budget, Harrison Gough’s guide provides an engaging and accessible roadmap. Whether you’re aiming for a complete Barbie-inspired transformation or just a splash of her whimsical style, these tips offer a versatile way to revitalise your living space.

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