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InvestorKit reveals top 10 Australian housing markets with strong growth potential


InvestorKit, a data-led buyer’s agency recently named Buyers Agency of the Year, has released its latest Market Pressure Review research report, identifying 10 top-performing economies nationwide where savvy buyers can find value in the housing market.

The research paper reveals that relaxing housing pressure in capital city and regional economies is enabling buyer access to property markets with strong growth potential at attractive prices.

Arjun Paliwal, InvestorKit Founder and Head of Research, said, “Australia’s economy has been supported by robust population growth and a more-active-than-ever job market. Although RBA cash rate hikes have slowed down the economy, as expected, we have still seen thriving local economies nationwide and we expect this growth to continue now the rate outlook is stabilising.”

The top five capital city economies identified by InvestorKit are:

  1. Greater Sydney
  2. Greater Melbourne and Geelong
  3. Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast
  4. Greater Adelaide
  5. Greater Perth

These cities have been boosted by factors such as infrastructure projects, population growth, and strong job markets. While housing demand has slowed in some areas, the report suggests that astute buyers and investors can find properties with strong growth potential at attractive prices in these economic powerhouses.

The top five regional economies identified by InvestorKit are:

  1. Newcastle and Port Stephens
  2. Toowoomba
  3. Tamworth
  4. Townsville
  5. Dubbo

These regional areas have seen economic growth driven by factors such as population growth, low unemployment, and emerging industries like renewable energy and tourism.


Mr Paliwal said, “Opportunities are beginning to present themselves for investors and owner occupiers in dominant growth markets. The key will be following the numbers and letting the data guide purchasing decisions.”

The report suggests that easing pricing pressure could lead to renewed investor activity, which may help unlock ongoing supply and vacancy challenges in areas with strong population growth and job activity, ultimately easing affordability issues for Australians seeking to access housing.

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