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Rings, toys, and laptops among items frequently left behind by Dubai tenants, says Colife


International rental and property management company Colife has revealed the most common items tenants forget when moving out of apartments in Dubai. According to their findings, rings, earrings, children’s toys, and laptops top the list of forgotten belongings. Sunglasses, clothes, bags, shoes, and souvenirs are also frequently left behind by departing tenants.

Anastasia Shevchuk, Support Team Lead at Colife, said, “We contact the tenant on the same day when something is found. We send forgotten things for temporary storage to our office, from where the tenant gets them. Delivery by courier is also a possible option.”

While apartments in Dubai are generally well-equipped for comfortable living, long-term tenants often purchase additional items for their personal use. “It happened that tenants forgot the juicers they bought,” Ms Shevchuk added.

Colife specialists advise tenants to thoroughly inspect the apartment when moving out, ensuring they have all their documents and important belongings, and to double-check that they haven’t accidentally taken any items that don’t belong to them.

The company’s proactive approach to contacting tenants and offering temporary storage or courier delivery for forgotten items demonstrates their commitment to customer service and ensuring a smooth transition for tenants moving out of their Dubai apartments.

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