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Homebuyers advised to seize autumn window of opportunity, says Raine & Horne

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Angus Raine, Executive Chairman of Raine & Horne, believes that the current Australian real estate market offers a unique window of opportunity for homebuyers this autumn. The three-week gap between the major public holidays in April creates an ideal environment for committed buyers looking to purchase a property before winter.

Raine & Horne’s analysis has revealed a 25% year-on-year increase in the number of groups attending open for inspections, indicating that savvy buyers have already recognised this opportunity and are actively engaged in the market.

“The timing of the public holidays has also coincided with a steady flow of listings into the market,” Mr Raine said. “Homeowners are opting to sell buoyed by the improved property returns over the last year, with values up by an average of over 9% nationally and much higher in some states.”

Despite the steady number of listings, Mr Raine expects home prices to continue rising, especially after the Reserve Bank’s decision to leave the official cash rate on hold at its March meeting. “The persistent presence of enthusiastic buyers underpins prices, ensuring the market remains competitive and values will continue moving up,” he added.

To capitalise on this autumn buying opportunity, preparation and swift action are crucial. Craig Betalli, Senior Broker at Our Broker, emphasises the importance of obtaining a home loan pre-approval from a lender to establish a budget and make confident offers.

“Having a loan preapproved empowers a buyer to make offers confidently and conveniently,” Mr Betalli said. “A loan pre-approval also puts you ahead of the buying competition and increases your chances of securing your desired property.”

Mr Betalli recommends that buyers seek professional guidance from finance specialists like Our Broker to identify the right lender, ensure optimal outcomes for their property purchase, and gain expert insight throughout the buying journey.


“At Our Broker, we are dedicated to supporting buyers, ensuring they are well-prepared and facilitating the best possible experience for their new property purchase,” Mr Betalli concluded.

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