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Tass Construction Group claims NSW Housing Industry Award for Erskineville cottage renovation


“Erskineville,” an upscale renovation by Tass Construction Group, has turned a modest cottage into a two-storey family home, winning the 2023 NSW Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) ‘Renovation $400K – $800K’ award. Located in the inner-western Sydney suburb of Erskineville, the property is now celebrated for its enhanced space and light.

“The homeowner’s design goals of having an open space within the tight confinements of an inner-suburban lot was key to the success of the project and delivered through the innovative use of space,” said Ben Tass, co-founder of Tass Construction Group. The design, conceived by Queensland architecture firm Vokes & Peters, combines innovation with functionality, fulfilling the client’s vision while maintaining the home’s original character.

The renovation preserved the original painted brickwork and timber façade to align with the area’s historic Victorian-style worker’s cottages. The interior features detailed ceilings and skylights that increase the spacious feel, while custom-made curved awning hoods and a nature-inspired palette add a contemporary touch.

Ben Tass highlighted the benefits of the new second storey, which introduced versatile living and working spaces. “The second storey created versatile living and working spaces for the family,” he remarked. “Two separate staircases, one straight and the other spiral, along with curved internal walls and ceilings, foster intimacy, access, and connection while maintaining privacy.”

Modern amenities enhance the luxurious feel of the home, which includes a dynamic open kitchen with marble countertops and custom cabinetry, as well as opulently designed bathrooms with gold fixtures and intricate tiling. Natural timber flooring extends through the house, leading to a backyard with original brick paving.

Ben and Aaron Tass also shared design tips for successful renovations. They emphasized the importance of natural light, versatility of added storeys, and innovative kitchen designs. They advised integrating smart storage solutions and focusing on fine details to enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

“Transforming a house built in the early 1900s to meet the needs of a modern family has brought new life to this home,” said Tony Corcoran, the homeowner. “The meticulous workmanship is a feature identifiable throughout the home.”


For more information, visit Tass Construction Group’s website.

Tass Construction Group, a multi-award-winning boutique firm, specializes in custom new builds and high-end renovations across Sydney, taking a design-focused approach to a limited number of luxury residential projects annually.

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