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New policy proposal aims to convert renters to homeowners with lower deposit requirements


In response to Australia’s escalating property crisis, a groundbreaking proposal has been introduced by Eric Wong, a seasoned real estate expert from Lucca Property. Highlighting a critical issue, Wong noted that rent payments in Sydney are now on par with mortgage repayments, yet the substantial 20% deposit required remains a significant barrier to homeownership for many renters.

The proposal calls for government action to subsidise Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), which could dramatically lower the deposit needed to secure a mortgage to between 5% and 10%. “The impact of such a policy could be profound,” Wong stated.

He illustrated this with an example: “Consider a modern two-bedroom apartment in Parramatta, where rent can soar up to $1,000 per week. The purchase price for such a property often hovers below $700,000. If a tenant could secure a mortgage with a 5% deposit instead of the standard 20%, they could potentially enter the housing market much sooner.”

Wong argues that subsidising LMI would foster a more inclusive housing market and convert what is often a temporary living arrangement into a long-term investment for individuals. Moreover, he suggests a means-tested approach to ensure the initiative helps those most in need and maintains fairness in the housing market.

“By adapting current policies to the realities of today’s economy, where rent is as burdensome as a mortgage, the government can create a pathway for more Australians to own their homes. This not only stabilises their financial future but also stimulates economic growth and community development,” Wong concluded. The proposal is a potential win-win situation that demands serious consideration from policymakers.

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